About ASISC:

The Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC), a Registered Society, was founded in 1957 for the affiliated schools of the Council for The Indian School Certificate New Delhi.

With each passing year there has been an increase in the number of affiliated schools with the current strength of over 2200 in India and Abroad. We are proud to announce that more than 1600 schools across India are now members of this Association.

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Mission Statement:

The Association is committed to serving the affiliated schools and the nation’s children, through high quality educational endeavours, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating exciting learning opportunities, with a commitment to excellence.


1. To assist and guide the members of the Association regarding the policies of educational authorities.

2. To coordinate, where necessary, the activities of the members of the Association in order to foster a common policy.

3. To assist the members of the Association to solve educational problems and aid them in the spread of educational information and techniques through its meetings and other communicative medium which may be useful especially by gathering and disseminating information –

(i) On trend in education in India and abroad

(ii) On decisions of educational authorities which may bear upon its members

4. To represent the interests of the Association, to negotiate and to enter into arrangements with any Government or Authority, whether Supreme, State, District, Local, Municipal, University or other Public or Private Body as may seem conducive to the promotion or accomplishment of all the objects of the Association.