Message from Secretary-Treasurer

ASISC Conference- 2019

As decided upon during our Annual Conference at Kolkata, the next ASISC Conference will be held at Chennai from 27th  to 29th  November, 2019. Venue for the Conference has been selected and ground work is well underway in preparation for the event.

ASISC Annual Subscription

Annual subscription for the academic session 2019-20 (Rs. 5000/-) is due from many member schools. Kindly clear your dues at the earliest and oblige.

Legal Fund

During our 60th Annual Conference at Jaipur in 2017 it was decided that every member school would pay Rs. 20,000/- each as a one time Legal Fund to the Association. So far we have received payment from just over 500 members only. In case your school has still not made the payment, kindly do so at the earliest.

Draft National Education Policy 2019

We are all aware of and concerned about many developments in the field of education in the recent past which have a direct impact on our role as educational practitioners.It's important for us to keep abreast with the happenings all around us so that we as important stakeholders  we can make our contribution to the cause of education at this crucial juncture.

The Draft Education Policy 2019 has given us an opportunity to take a close look at what ails our education system today and understand the new initiative by the drafting committee which aims at opening up a bright future for our young generation. Ever since the draft policy was uploaded on the public domain to elicit response from the various stakeholders I have received several inquires from member schools  regarding our response as an Association to the Policy.

We organized a symposium for  heads of  schools and members of the management of ASISC at Bengaluru on 26th June 2018 to deliberate on the policy to understand it better so that we could come up with our response. After a day long fruitful deliberations we came up with our suggestions/observations from ASISC which we submitted to the Hon'ble Pmime Minister and Human Resource Development minister.

Click here to view our sugestions sumited.

Click here to view acknowledgement from Prime Minister's office.

Warm Regards


K. V. Vincent,

Secretary-Treasurer, ASISC