Secretary – Treasurer



K. V. Vincent,
Secretary-Treasurer, ASISC



Leaving behind an eventful and successful 2017 we have now entered the new year, which gives us immense possibilities for new beginnings and fresh starts. Let’s now be prepared to embrace a new perspective – a fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds.

Towards the fag end of last year we received information from the Council that students studying in schools affiliated to the Council would be allowed to participate in the events organised by the School Games Federation of India. We made an attempt to send as many students as possible to participate in these events and many students benefited from these experiences.

To take this initiative forward the executive committee members held a meeting last week with the Chief Executive of the Council to chalk out a plan to select and prepare our students to participate in the events organised by SGFI in the coming year. The details will be worked out and communicated to you soon to enable you to incorporate these events in your school calendar for the ensuing academic session.

National Conference at Jaipur, 2017

We appreciate your support and cooperation in organising the Annual Conference at Jaipur so successfully. During the past one month we have been in the process of collecting, cutting, pruning and editing all the inputs that we received during the Conference. I am glad to inform you that the photographs, videos and other material have been edited and uploaded on our website for you to view / download. Our attempt has been to retain all the relevant matter so that those who participated in the Conference would get to recall the events as they unfolded and those who did not attend the Conference will receive all the required information.

Legal Corpus Fund

During the deliberations in the General Body Meeting held at the Conference, the following decisions were made unanimously:

To be prepared as an association to handle various common legal issues related to education at the national level that would arise from time to time.

To enable the association to hire the best of legal experts for arbitrations as and when the need arises.

To have a Legal Corpus Fund with immediate effect.

All member schools to contribute INR 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) towards legal corpus fund.

On behalf of the Executive Committee I request all member schools to send their contribution towards Legal Corpus Fund on or before 15.02.2018 through Online Payment or Bank Transfer.