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Frequently Asked Questions

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Students studying in a CISCE affiliated school from classes VI to XII.
Category: India@75
You can register by filling the registration form.
  • You are advised to use email accounts from only google or Microsoft.
  • The flipgrid application used for recording video does not allow other email ids.
  • Students should register and login with their official email id’s given by your school.
  • If students do not have official email ids from school, then you are advised to use your parents email id to register and post the video. Flipgrid tool does not allow children below 16 years to post videos directly.
  • After registering you will get a confirmation email. if you do not get an email contact Support on whats App 720212222.
  • If you have any issue in registering send an email to [email protected].
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We are using flipgrid platform for this event. Flipgrid is a simple social learning platform where you could record and post your video

You could use flipgrid mobile App or directly record it on the flipgrid website.

When you click on the join link https://flip.com/72d0d452

Step 1 : It will take you to the flip website asking you to join with Microsoft or google email

Click on one of the options according to your email account

Step 2 : In the next screen give your email id and password.

Step 3 : It may ask you to enter your date of birth : Enter any date which is above 18 years of age. if not it will not allow you to move forward. We do not use the Date of birth for our records. We do not need your actual date of birth.

Step 4 : You will be taken to flipgrid topic page

Step 5 : Click on the Topic : India@75 Students’ Voice. It will take you to the topic page

step 5 : Click on Add Response button and you are ready to record you video.

All the best!


Try exploring the flipgrid application

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You can edit and make changes to your video and re-post it till the last date of the event. i.e 20th Aug 2022.
Category: India@75
You can record the video on your phone through the Flipgrid app. or You can import the video in to the flipgrid App and make changes to it.
Category: India@75
if you do not have an email id given by your school. then you are advised to use your parents email id to register and post the video.
Category: India@75
The last date for posting your video is 20th Aug 2022. You can register anytime before that and upload your video.